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Children of the King

wildflower-wedding-bouquet-of-paper-blooms.original     Do you remember the phrase, ‘The lazy days of summer’?   Well, I have to admit that the summer of 2015 was definitely not lazy for us.   This past week we left summer behind and began the fall season.  For several weeks now as the days passed, I would tell myself ‘tomorrow I will do a newsletter about summer’.  Now we are in September, where did those days go?  I honestly have so much to tell you about our summer that it all can’t go into one newsletter.   God did some amazing things through the children and youth of House of Faith this summer.  We tried something new with a chosen group of youth girls who met every Friday morning as a discipleship group growing deeper in God’s Word.  They call themselves the ‘Wildflower Girlz’.  That in itself is a great story that we will share with you in our next newsletter.  We also offered three week long summer camps at Camp of the Hills in Marble Falls, TX.  At each of the camps, I was blown away with how God worked or actually blown away with how the hearts of the children and youth allowed God to work.  True healing came at camp this year for so many of those who went.

So, let me share just a few of my favorite moments of camp that will hopefully stick with me forever! It was while driving the Middle School Youth Girls van home.  Camp is over and the atmosphere is overflowing with joy.  One of the girls who attended the weekly Wildflower Girlz  group attended camp also.  She has the softest heart for the Lord and for others.  Her amazing counselors spent much time with the girls in her cabin and gave each girl a Bible as a gift from them.   On the way home, she sat in the front seat and while other girls where talking about all the fun things at camp, she was pouring into her Bible.   After some time, she gasped!  It scared me a bit and I asked her if she was alright.   She then looked at me with those, “I can’t believe it” eyes.  Then she read to me what made her gasp.    It was from John 14:1-2 “Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You believe in God; believe also in me.  My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?.”  She then states, “He is preparing a room just for me!”  I smile at her and tell her that yes, he certainly is.  I let her soak it in for a moment and then I asked her what she thinks her room might look like? She thinks for a short moment and says, ‘Well, it must look like a princess’ room because I am a child of the King.’   My eyes begin to tear up as I know that she truly understands her identity.   But mainly because this knowledge of a ‘her own room’  means more to her than any of us can ever truly understand.  This beautiful daughter of the King currently resides in a very small approximately 725 sq. foot two bedroom house with her mother and four other siblings.

This conversation was heard by the girls sitting in the first row of the van.  They then joined in and we spent the next two hours riding in the van sharing the Bible and reading different passages to see what it said.   In 15 years of ministry, I have never rode in a van with teenage girls pouring over the Bible and discussing what it means.  My heart was overflowing and so were my tears.  One girl who has been part of HOF for 9 years, was reading James 5.  She stopped at one point and said, “Oh my gosh Ms. Denise, this brought back a memory of when I was little (about 5) and you were sitting with me and reading to me from the Bible House of Faith gave as a Christmas present.  I couldn’t read it then, so you read me a story from it.  And now I am reading to you from the it. Do you remember that?  Isn’t that cool!”   I smiled and thought, ‘more than you will every know’.

Thank you for making these moments and many more possible through your financial support of this ministry!


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