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Childlike Faith by Amy Jeffers

Today at House of Faith, I was playing with one of the 6 year old boys I am closest to, D’Marion. He was just sitting in my lap telling me about his day: talking about writing his Alphabet, eating yummy food for lunch, playing with friends, and talking to to his teacher.

In the middle of our conversation, he looked up at the sky. I asked, “D’Marion, what are you looking at?” He simply said, “God!”
So, I asked him, “What does God look like?”
He responded: “Well I’m not exactly sure because it’s kind of hard to see him, but I know that he loves me.”
What if I had the faith of a child?
What if even when I find it hard to see God around me, I rested secure in his love?
What if I didn’t require him to make himself known to me, but simply took him at his word: that I am loved.
That should be enough: to be completely and totally loved by God. No matter how hard God is to see sometimes, I can trust in his undying love for me.
Lord, allow me to have faith like a child, like D’Marion.

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