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Beyond Expectations

Picture2Ephesians 3:20 from the Living Translation says this, “Now glory be to God, who by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of—infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.”   As I stand in the presence of the Fall Season, I look back at the summer and   soak in this verse.    This year has been a road of many turns, many dips, and many unseen curves.   In ministry, I have found myself on a road that is always changing.  Some of the changes I have liked and some I haven’t but I know that God is my map and I need to just follow.   Over some time, God had been directing us to do a Summer Youth Girls Bible Study group. I shared this vision with long time volunteer, Stina Prim and HOF staff, Hannah Elliott  who jumped at the chance to lead this summer adventure. We spent some time watching the youth girls during Xodus nights and prayerfully determined who would be in the chosen group.   I shared with Stina and Hannah some of my expectations and shared with them what I felt God wanted, but completely put this vision into their hands.

Needless to say,  through God’s mighty power at work, He did more than I ever dared to ask or imagine through these two women of God.   They poured their hearts and souls into creating an atmosphere of safety, of reverence and of holiness for these special youth Picture1girls.   Every Friday morning throughout the summer, the girls got together for 3 to 4 hours.   Cell phones were placed in baskets as they walked in,  a delicious breakfast  made by loving ladies from Pioneer Drive Baptist Church was enjoyed and then a deep devotion time was spent learning about women from the bible and how those lessons applied to their own lives.    I so wish I could share some of the amazing things that went on inside this group of girls, but I can’t.   This time was created for them to share with each other and with God.  But I can tell you that God changed these girls, and God changed us through these girls.    Each week, the girls drew closer to each other and closer to God.   As they drew closer to God,  we began to desire to give them a gift that was not in our budget. In fact, this entire discipleship time was not in our budget.   But it was in God’s.  A call from a supporter came asking if we had any needs.  I shared with her what our desire was and she gladly took that need and filled it.   As we finished out the summer with the girls, we were able to give each girl a special girls study bible that was more than we ever dreamed of.     We know beyond a doubt, that these bibles will not collect dust.

God truly went beyond expectations with the group of girls.   So much so, that they asked if they could still meet during the school year.  And so they shall!  The plans are tPicture3o meet once a month, learning what God’s plans are for them and how they can serve the Lord through serving others.   Please pray for these girls and for the finances to continue pouring into not only the youth girls, but into all the children of House of Faith.  We certainly have ‘great expectations’ now.


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