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HOF Abilene LogoHouse of Faith-Abilene began it’s first Neighborhood Bible Club in July, 2001.   After struggling for years with ways to get the neighborhood children and youth into a neighborhood church, Denise Davidson was introduced to San Angelo’s House of Faith.  They asked her a simple question – Why wait for them to come ‘into’ church?  Why not just take your lessons outside to them?

This basic question began the Abilene based House of Faith ministry modeled after House of Faith in San Angelo, TX in one neighborhood on the south side of Abilene.  God soon showed us that He wanted us to reach more children and youth throughout Abilene and began opening up other neighborhoods for clubs to begin.   Now, we are here to assist and train you  with reaching out to an area where God has placed a burden on your heart.

Backyard Bible Clubs  An elementary age program that meets one afternoon a week throughout the school year in a neighborhood setting.   Gatherings last an average of    1 ½ hours and take place in a yard, park, school or apartment complex. The format is Club timesimple and involves an open play time at the start, a snack, an organized game with teaching application, a Bible story with object lessons, visuals, and craft activities.  The great thing about this is children who live in the same area are learning about Jesus together and gives them all a sense of belonging.

IMAG7560Special Visit Teams includes a personal home visit to every child a day or two before the club day.  With a SVT, the child receives a flyer with a reminder about club, their memory verse and information about the lesson they are learning. This visit makes the child feel special and unique while giving the SVT the opportunity to build relationships not just with the child(ren) but with their families.

Xodus Group  is somewhat similar to any quality church youth program but consist primarily of unchurched youth in Middle and High School.    Xodus meets at the House of Faith building on Thursdays where youth enjoy a hangout time and playing Xodusgames before joining together for a Biblical message which is relevant to them, then participate in discussion groups or some team building games.   These youth consist primarily of the children who grew up in a House of Faith neighborhood club and their friends whom they invite.  Many of the youth say they enjoy coming because they can be themselves.

House of Faith-Abilene exists to simply take Jesus to neighborhood children, youth and families.  We  cannot wait on the sidelines waiting for them to come to church to hear about Jesus.  We must go to where they are.    (Romans 10:13-15)


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