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Overflow of Joy

Denise     Today (Feb 19th) I celebrate my wedding anniversary with my husband.  He has stuck with me through many ups and downs.   On our wedding day, I truly had no idea of what our journey would be like, how hard it would be, how fun it would be, how worthwhile it would be and honestly, what a blessing I was receiving in Mike.

It is also the 50th day of 2015.  Joy is overflowing my heart.  You can ask Hannah Elliott, our ministry assistant, how   crazy I get around the office when I am overflowed with joy.    You see, God began to reveal to me way back in 1997 a new   journey that he would be taking me on.  He slowly showed me glimpses of it since he knew I am a runner.  Not a physical ‘run your 5k’ person, but the runner ‘from things’ I don’t understand or think is too big for me.  He has had to guide me slowly through the process and oh what a process it has been.  Today, as I stand in the HOF building and look around I am so blown away.  You see, just a few weeks ago the HOF board approved an expansion of space.  We rented the small 700 sq. foot facilities right next to us to create a bigger area for the growing Xodus youth and for a much needed storage room.  Of course an expansion means work and I often don’t think of all the smalldetails.  Thankfully, we have a God who does!  He also has bigger plans than we do.  We had planned for a small opening in the wall that joins our space, but Joythe landlord paid for a larger opening that brought on more potential for us.  We had a donation that would cover all our expenses to build the storage room and pay for any of our cost for the expansion.   Then we received a donation for a much desired sound system for our youth group.   Outside of that, we received an unplanned, last minute grant from 3rd St. printing to help with some professional printing needs!   These are just some of the bigger blessing we have received, I can’t even begin to tell you all the other blessings He has lavished on House of Faith.  All within 50 days of 2015.

Later, in my garage at home I was searching for some supplies for our next lesson series.  We have several bins of lessons and as I was looking for a specific one.  As I stood among the bins, my eyes just opened wide and I began reading each lesson title and could see God in each one of them throughout this journey of House of Faith.   At first I saw lessons thatrevealed what we desire the children and youth to know: that God So Loved the World to help us Walk in the Light to become Super Heroes for Jesus and know that they will always be Wanted by God.    But then I realized other lessons we have taught has been part of our own journey in this ministry. Lessons such as:  The Battle Belongs To The Lord, Cycle Breakers, The Mighty Acts of God and Master Plans.  I see the HOF journey in each one of these lesson titles and I am blown away by this amazing journey God has led me on.

Just like my marriage, I truly had no idea of what this House of Faith journey would be like, how hard it would be, how fun it would be, how worthwhile it would be and honestly, what a blessing I would receive from the children, the youth, the families, the volunteers, the staff and many, many new friends I have met along the way.  I am so grateful that God only gave me glimpses along the way so I didn’t run, run from all the amazing blessings He had for me.    How can joy not overflow from my heart?


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